At Eastman, we strive to provide a healthy ambiance for our employees to work in. To work with us, an aspirant needs to be not only talented and efficient in their field of work, but also be enthusiastic to take decisions and innovate something new.

Global exposure

Eastman is an international company and has a presence in over 60 countries. The company offers an incredible scope of global exposure. The experience which a professional can gain is immense. We believe that this exposure is absolutely necessary in order to learn essential aspects of the industry we operate in.


Freedom to work & take decisions

We give complete freedom to our employees in experimenting and taking decisions. No matter what the age of our employee is, if they have a dynamic approach and the right zest towards their idea, we motivate them in every possible way.


Fast track career

The career path at Eastman is full of excitement. A person with the right skill set and enthusiastic personality can easily achieve incredible heights with us.



I have been associated with Eastman since 2008, where every moment has been a memorable one. I have been given the opportunities to grow as per industries standard and have worked in multiple roles. The best part at Eastman is that your efforts and work always get recognized & encouraged by all in the company. I am always motivated to work at Eastman as learning never stops in this dynamic ecosystem.

Shivreet Dhillon
(AVP, Sales)

Amo mi empresa ( I love my company),With lot of joy it gives me immense pleasure to say that I have just completed 5 years and its really inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers much opportunity for advancement. I respect the bonding and appreciate the endless and extended support in every situation, which has made me a good professional, what I am today. I had and will cherish all the time that I have spent here and to be a part of this wonderful family.

Ashwani Jain
(DM, Sales)

Success Stories

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Job Vacancy

To apply, simply fill up the form, upload your updated resume and submit it. Our team will diligently go through your resume and other details. If found suitable, we will get in touch with you, as per the vacancy, and set up an interview. We suggest you include only relevant information in your resume.


We have created a list of most important points to keep in mind while preparing for an interview with Eastman.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge about Eastman auto and power ltd
  • Keep your mind relaxed
  • Politely offer warm greetings to all of your interviewers to make a good first impression
  • Dress smartly 
  • Ask insightful questions from the interviewer regarding your job profile, about the company or any other relevant query you might have.


To help you make an impressive resume while applying to us, we have created a list of the most important tips.

  • Use a smart format – Make sure that you the format of your resume carry a logical form and wide margins with clean type and clear headings.
  • Mention your accomplishments along with the job descriptions. This way the hiring managers will instantly know about what you did in the job and not just what your job was.
  • Ensure that you highlight those achievements that show an impressive picture of your work.
  • Recheck your resume for any minor errors or grammatical errors, before printing it.
  • Make sure that your resume is printed on a clean, crisp type and paper.
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