Tyres  play an integral role in defining the efficiency and smoothness of any motorcycle. The grip and movement of a tyre depends directly on the rubber compound and its rigidity. Both the raw material used and the design of the tyre is  carefully considered and tested together with the conditions of the target market before manufacturing.
Our range of tyres focuses on both street vehicles as well as off-road vehicles. The range also includes tyres for commercial vehicles, moto- taxi and scooters.

We also supply an excellent range of natural rubber and butyl tubes.


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manufacturing process




How tyres are made

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Before the production begins, we work hard on research and development, from the rubber compound to the tread pattern thereby ensuring that the end product meets our client’s/clients’ expectations.

The compound which is a mixture of black carbon, rubber and certain accelerators in the Banbury is passed through rollers to achieve a uniform appearance. As the mix passes through rollers, the rubber compound is gradually cooled to provide the desired dispersion. Meticulous compound storage, coding and cooling systems guarantee uniform as well as foreign substance free materials for the extrusion process.

The compound is then passed through the tube extruder line and inner tube slicer in delicate, error free and controlled manner. Strict supervision of the tube curing presses (with different heating mediums) and the core fitting machine maintains good surface finish and ensures that the vulcanization process is carried out the right way.

Post the entire process; batch of tyres go under rigorous tests at ETDAC (Eastman tyre development and analysis centre) where both off road and street tyres are tested for high speed endurance, durability tested via plunger and tensile testing machines. They are also subjected to abrasion test, to measure resistance.

Another test includes, ash content test is done to measure organic material content.

In a nut shell, we ensure quality by

  • Dimensional measurements of tyre overall width, tyre overall diameter, skid depth, etc
  • Tyre strength test (plunger test)
  • Endurance test
  • High speed performance test & % dynamic growth test
  • Physical properties of sidewall & rubber
  • Tensile strength test
  • Elongation test

After all tests, we move ahead on production of the entire lot.

How to read a tyre



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